Purpose Health-Check

Product Highlight


Purpose Health-Check shows where how well understood and relevant your business purpose is. It also reveals where work practice and business aims are out of step. Our online survey and follow-up interviews yield data you can act on right away, and at the same time provide guidance for culture change efforts.


(1) together, agree scope and which stakeholders will be involved; (2) we send the online survey and collect data (3) then hold focus-groups and structured interviews to explore risks emerging from the survey; (4) we analyse data and write executive summary; (5) then present recommendations to your management team; (6) together, we explore next steps.


Findings summary – (a) data on how well understood, relevant and valuable people say your business purpose is; (b) insights on how far everyday work practice (systems, resources, leadership and actions) is aligned with your business purpose / aims; (c) our assessment of risks; (d) our recommendations. Executive workshop – to review findings and recommendations; agree next steps.


Purpose Health-Check (a) shows how well understood your business is by key stakeholders, along with what is obstructing attempts to deliver against it; (b) involves people from across your organisation, to raise awareness of how purpose should be central to decisions and actions; (c) benefits from individuals’ own experiences, creating a healthy sense of urgency for change; (d) yields concrete insights for change.

How might Purpose Health-Check meet your needs?

This review is a good first step on the journey toward a business that is led by purpose. We are happy to answer any questions and see what we can do to mould this framework around your specific needs.