Misalignment Risk-Check


The Misalignment Risk-Check – from our first Orientation phase – is a short version of the Help / Hinder Review, to reveal the most pressing misalignment risks. An in-road to a complex question, this is also a cost-effective introduction to our work.


Typical process – (1) together, agree terms of reference; (2) we send the online survey to an agreed list of employees; (3) then hold one morning of focus-groups to explore risks emerging from the survey; (4) we analyse data and write executive summary; (5) then present findings to your management team and consider next steps. The project then ends.


Findings summary – (a) data from a sample of employees on what gets in the way of excellent work; (b) employee engagement levels; (c) our summary of risks arising from misalignment; (d) our recommendations. Executive workshop – to review findings and recommendations.


The Misalignment Risk-Check – (a) reveals the greatest risks to excellence from organisational misalignment; (b) involves people from several teams so raises awareness of the alignment question; (c) gives you chance to evaluate how we at Marble Brook work; (d) moves our discussion from general observations to the specifics of your organisation and business.

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