Help / Hinder Review


The Help / Hinder Review – from the first Orientation phase – shows how organisational alignment helps or hinders people in everyday work. Outputs are used to design and prioritise a realignment programme.


Typical process – (1) together, agree any changes to our framework and questions on alignment; (2) we send the online survey to your employees; (3) then hold focus-groups and structured interviews to explore risks emerging from the survey; (4) we analyse data and write executive summary; (5) then present findings to your management team; (6) together, we explore recommendations and next steps.


Findings summary – (a) data on how well everyday practice is aligned with your business purpose, categorised as leadership, systems, resources and the actions of people; (b) employee engagement index; (c) our assessment of risks arising from misalignment; (d) our recommendations. Executive workshop – to review findings and recommendations; agree next steps and priorities.


The Help / Hinder Review – (a) reveals risks to excellence arising from organisational misalignment; (b) shows how misalignment affects employees’ experiences at work; (c) involves people from diverse teams so raises awareness of alignment questions; (d) creates a healthy sense of urgency; (e) yields concrete data that can be used to design a realignment programme.

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