Alignment Risk-Check

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Alignment Risk-Check is a diagnostic that shows where day-to-day practice and business aims are out of step. The easy-to-complete online survey and focus-groups sample engagement levels as well as what makes people’s work harder. An in-road to the complex question of strategic alignment, Risk-Check yields insights you can act on. (For a more in-depth survey, see Help / Hinder Review.)


Typical process – (1) together, agree project scope; (2) we send the online survey to your employees; (3) collect data, then hold one morning of focus-groups to explore risks emerging from the survey; (4) we analyse data and write an executive summary; (5) then present findings to your management team and explore possible next steps. The project then ends.


Findings summary – (a) data from a sample of employees on what gets in the way of excellent work; (b) employee engagement index; (c) our summary of risks arising from areas where practice is out of line with what the business needs; (d) our recommendations. Executive workshop – to review findings, recommendations and worthwhile actions.


Alignment Risk-Check (a) reveals what makes work harder and less effective; (b) involves people from various teams, raising awareness of how business aims should be central to all decisions and actions; (c) moves discussions from the general to specific changes that would be most useful for your organisation; (d) gives you – for a small investment of time and money – chance to assess our work.

How might Risk-Check be useful to you?

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