Three phases of strategic alignment



See where your organisation is today, set direction for the future, discover misalignments of practice and purpose



Work through today's limitations to bring crucial activities into line with your ambition, for visible, near-term results



Align culture – including leadership and people, systems and resources – with business purpose, for enduring excellence

What we do and how it helps


Advise on Good Practice

Identify misalignment, advise on what your organisation needs to become and stay aligned – for excellence that lasts

Facilitate Consensus

Help executives and teams reach agreement on complex questions – to aid decision-making, buy-in and cooperation

Design Initiatives

Structure and facilitate the realignment programme – as we take care of the 'how' of change, you have time for the 'what'

Bring Clarity

Cut through office politics, disentangle complex practices and talk in plain English – so every employee can be involved

Ensure Momentum

Challenge your teams to keep engaged and moving, support people to solve problems, advise on strong solutions

Help People Grow

Mentor individuals and coach teams to adopt fresh thinking and new practices – so people find their place in the new culture

Start with our Misalignment Risk-Check