How Alignment Matters to Performance

Ambition – day-to-day work serves business purpose


Processes, systems and data enable people to do what the business needs


How time and money are spent benefits employees, customers and shareholders


Confident leadership brings direction, involves everyone, creates chances for growth


People enjoy work and commit to the mission, trust and engagement are the norm

Problem – practice and purpose tend to diverge


With time, processes and systems get complex, decisions slow, silos emerge


Pet projects consume time and money, costs rise through inefficiency and fire-fighting


Leadership becomes a chore, direction is lost, standards slip, bureaucratic controls rise


Unwieldy systems, limited resources and equivocal leadership harm performance

Solution – align practice with purpose, deliberately

Enhance effectiveness through a culture of alignment, where systems and resources – ‘the hard’ stuff’ – as well as leadership and people – ‘the soft stuff’ – combine to meet evolving employee, customer and shareholder demands.

Benefit – for the four investors in your future

Your Employees

Your people discover a workplace where their efforts more easily translate into results – engagement and satisfaction rise

Your Customers

Aligned organisations respond better to evolving customer demands, competitive threats and technology advances

Your Shareholders

When work is aligned with purpose, costs fall and outputs improve – financial returns are higher and more secure

Your Society

Well-run, effective and stable organisations can demonstrate more positive social impact

Aligned organisation, strong business

Figures show how many times companies with a ‘performance-enhancing’ culture outperform businesses that place a lower value on leadership, employees, customers and shareholders; see 1992 Harvard study in Corporate Culture and Performance.

Revenue Growth

Stock Price Growth

Net Income Growth

Employment Growth

Let's break down the challenge

Our work equips organisations to align leadership, people, resources and systems with business needs. Read on to see how we might help you create a more effective workplace – in manageable steps.