Our Past Clients

We have supported executives and their teams to foster excellence and growth in various organisations, listed here where allowed by agreement. Please get in touch for information on particular assignments.

Financial Services

AXA Framlington
Bain Capital
Dresdner Kleinwort
Jardine Lloyd Thompson
JP Morgan
Merrill Lynch
Nomura / Instinet
Royal Bank of Scotland

Non-Financial Services

Herbert Smith Freehills
Manchester Airports

Employee Engagement | NASA Janitor

Mopping Floors, or Sending a Man to the Moon?

Your organisation’s ambition to change the world can inspire great accomplishments – but only if people see how their own role fits into the wider purpose. Are your people mopping floors or, as NASA’s janitor believed, sending a man to the moon?

Why Management Exists

Get everyone on track to a single destination – and life at work becomes easier, customers get a better deal and shareholders enjoy higher returns. Management exists to agree, set out and champion business purpose.

Strategic Alignment | 40 Hours' Work

Why 40 Hours’ Work Makes Only 20 Hours’ Difference

People often feel, even when they work hard, that their efforts have little impact. Poor ‘strategic alignment’ – when day-to-day practice falls out of step with what the business needs – makes work an uphill struggle.

Strategic Alignment | Silo-Busting Purpose

Silo-Busting Power of Business Purpose

Well understood business purpose has the power to break down all-too-familiar organisational silos, uniting colleagues across departments and teams. Clear statements of purpose lead to a more effective organisation.

Employee Engagement | Leadership Obsession

Our Obsession With the Lycra-Clad Thighs of Leadership

Our preoccupation with leadership harms employee engagement and business outcomes. Recognise leadership for its capacity to steer, but not drive, the organisation.